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It sounds easy, doesn't it?  Read the news. Increasingly, businesses and individuals are subject to cyber security threats coming from invisible actors who used to be stopped at our borders or who could be identified by location, appearance, or other physical evidence.  The Internet created a virtual world.  It is a platform for profound change and innovation, but its very structure creates vulnerabilities.  We use it in almost every aspect of our lives.  So do the bad guys.  From nation states to organized crime, to hacktivists, to people inside our companies or social circles, there are people using the internet in bad ways.  They efficiently target our intellectual property, our websites, our conversations, and, yes, our very identities without moving from their desks.  Every minute there are new victims, and many are unaware that they have been a target.  If you have been hacked, what can you do?  Do you have a duty to report it? To whom? What are your duties to business customers?  What happens if the authorities arrive on the scene?  Who should represent you?

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Our site is designed to share and educate.  This fascinating topic is big and growing in size and relevance.  We are always learning and here to serve.  Please contact us for more information.

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