Only by being vigilant can we retain our freedoms.

 Gen.  Mari K. Eder (Ret.)

Author of American Cyberscape: Trials and the Path to Trust

Data Privacy

and Cybersecurity Law

Security, Privacy, Integrity


There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be.”

- Robert Mueller, Former FBI




We  assist clients in implementing and improving data security and privacy. We direct and review comprehensive  risk assessments, advising on safeguards, and assisting with the development of robust risk management plans that include relevant policy and procedure review and implementation.


We work with clients who have experienced an incident or breach,  managing the overall response by conducting internal investigations, coordinating public relations, ensuring legal compliance with breach notification requirements, liaising with technical experts, law enforcement and communicating with insurance carriers.



We review and negotiate service level agreements, terms of service, data licenses, non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements, business associate agreements and other vendor agreements and contracts.



We advise clients on legal and regulatory requirements and assist them with FTC, AG, HIPAA, GDPR and other investigations from responding to inquiries and negotiating settlements to preparation for litigation, if necessary.



We advise clients on security and privacy risks and other considerations regarding the migration of data to the cloud and negotiate cloud contracts.



We work closely with clients to develop training & awareness curricula that are specifically tailored  to each client's needs and requirements.



We advise clients on security and privacy risks and other considerations regarding the use of existing, new and emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence.


We assist clients in devising breach response, emergency operations and business resilience plans.


We are a good idea.  We are a boutique firm focused on data privacy and cybersecurity law.  We focus singularly on security and privacy and are passionate about providing exceptional legal advice and guidance to our clients.  Beyond legal compliance, sound information security and privacy practices contribute to your trusted brand.  That trust can be easily lost in a single information security incident.  We know that client trust is a commodity that is critical to the mission and success of your business.

We are experienced attorneys with backgrounds that allow us to effectively represent clients across a broad range of industries. We work with clients of any size, from sole-proprietorships to large clients with multiple locations. Many clients have the same legal and regulatory obligations. However, each client has unique needs and concerns.  We do not view our clients as commodities.  Our approach is client-tailored and business-minded. With this in mind, we endeavor to fully understand and effectively meet the security and privacy needs and goals of every client in the most cost-effective manner.

Technology and related risks advance daily.  As a result, the world of cybersecurity and data privacy law is constantly changing. We stay abreast of cutting-edge issues through affiliations and active participation in a number of groups, both legal and non-legal, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation's InfraGard alliance and the Electronic Crimes Task Force sponsored by the Secret Service. We utilize this knowledge to provide dynamic and directly-relevant advice to help clients weigh security and privacy concerns that may shape their business decisions currently and with the future in mind.

Most importantly, we can offer additional protection in situations where your information practices might be less than you would like.  Clients often reach for a technical advisor when issues arise.  Reaching for us first can provide the benefit of attorney-client privilege, which no technical firm can offer.  That said, we retain and work collaboratively with highly skilled technical vendors to advise our clients on technical matters from a legal standpoint.   We do not receive referral fees from these vendors, but you benefit greatly from the team approach we bring to the table.  

We believe you will find us to be very cost-effective and beneficial.  For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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